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My chimney is broken. Is it safe to use?

No! No matter what happened or where it’s broken, it’s extremely unsafe to use. Contact us immediately if your chimney is broken.

What is tuckpointing?

The replacement of mortar between bricks.

Can you inspect the inside of my chimney?

Yes we can! You can read more about that in our Inspection services here.

My concrete is cracking. Why?

Like any other material, the volume of concrete will change slightly when it dries out (about 1/16 of an inch in 10 ft). This is why we put joints in concrete pavements, floors and other products to let it crack in a straight line at the joint.

What’s the difference between cement and concrete?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but cement is an ingredient of concrete, while concrete is mix of sand, gravel or crushed stone and paste. Cement makes up anywhere from 10-15% of the mix. If you hear people say “cement sidewalk” or “cement mixer,” be sure to correct them with the proper terms: “concrete sidewalk” and “concrete mixer.”