About Our  Company

Universal Masonry Group specializes in providing tuckpointing and masonry restoration services to commercial and residential communities.

About Universal Masonry Group

 Universal Masonry Group has experience dating back to 1990. Not only do we clean and repair damaged mortar and brick, we also provide a wide range of services designed to maintain and protect your existing masonry for years to come.

Our services offer many benefits on top of supplying you with detailed proposals and responsive customer service. Universal Masonry Group is one of Chicagoland’s best masonry contractors for commercial and multi-unit markets due to two factors: SERVICE and QUALITY.




Universal Masonry Group exterior restoration program will:

  • KEEP your masonry building in code compliance while protecting its investment value
  • REINFORCE the structural integrity of your masonry structure
  • FORM a water-tight barrier between your masonry and the elements, reducing leaks
  • AESTHETICALLY enhance the appearance of your masonry building
  • IMPROVE the marketability of your masonry structure
  • MINIMIZE energy loss
  • PROLONG the overall life of your masonry

Universal Masonry Services

  • All proposals and bids are informative, detailed and delivered within  the timeframe requested by the customer
  • Universal Masonry Group is completely licensed, insured and bonded for any size project
  • All phone calls and pages are returned within the same day
  • Most estimates are completed within 48 hours of initial call
  • Customers are kept informed throughout the entire repair process regarding scheduling and job progress
  • Most jobs are completed within two weeks of signed contract
  • Walk-throughs are performed with foremen once job is completed to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Crews work nights and/or weekends on high profile projects where daytime hours are unsuitable due to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Certificates of insurance are provided upon request, naming your company as an additional insured

Universal Masonry Workmanship

  • All crews are efficient, resourceful, and experienced
  • Crew sizes fluctuate according to the size of the project
  • All material applied is ASTM approved and of the highest quality to deliver uncompromising, polished results
  • Operational equipment is OSHA approved to insure crew safety
  • Foremen are on hand throughout the duration of the project to troubleshoot and address customer questions or concerns
  • Job set-up and tear-down is performed in a conscientious, professional manner to minimize interference with customer’s daily life
  • The work premises is kept as clean as possible during and upon completion of work
  • All crew members are personable, skilled and trained to perform repairs the right way
  • Crews keep customer satisfaction in mind so their work and clean up methods are impeccable
  • Operational equipment is OSHA approved to insure crew and customer safety and to meet the demands of any size project

“Universal is the best in the business. They help you make smart decisions about where to spend money and where to cut costs. Work is done in a timely manner and always high quality.”

Shannon S.

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